COVID-19 Announcement

Covid-19 Announcement

AMS Nutrition is currently ON-LINE only. The Clinic retail shop will be closed for the length of the lockdown period and will not open until we are legally advised to.

We encourage all of our customers to on-line order their vitamins, minerals, supplements and protein requirements for up to 3 months at a time. We are working with Celebrate currently to ensure we have enough stock of our products to be able to accommodate our customer’s needs. We do ask however, that you are considerate of your fellow weight loss surgery community and do not bulk purchase (more than 3-6 months) as you may not be aware that our shipments take 6 weeks to arrive in NZ. We are monitoring patterns and inventory levels and we are placing new orders regularly. In the meantime, we do reserve the right to decline any bulk orders that may risk our stock levels becoming too low affecting some patients not being able to get their essential supplements. In this case, we will fill what we believe is appropriate and will refund the remainder.